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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 21

Issue 98 ( #5 )

Classic Wings Issue #98
  • Athenian Aviators
  • Aussie Eindecker
  • The last MIG
  • Mystery Aircraft PWS 26
  • The Singapore Auster
  • Target for today - North Atlantic!
  • Airshows
  • Some epic flights feature in this edition, an Auster from Singapore to Australia and an Electra from Canada to the Czech Republic. Although decades apart the adventure was the same, full of highs and lows, trepidation and determination, however both were ultimately successful! Less successful was a first combat by a young MiG-3 pilot who came off second best when tangling with some 109s. Sixty years after the event the wreck of his fighter was recovered and rebuilt, the beautiful machine only recently gracing the skies of the Motherland once again. The Great War Centenary is well underway, and one of the 'early birds' of the conflict has been faithfully reproduced and has taken to the air in Australia. We describe the efforts to build and fly a Fokker E.III which has involved three countries. Much has been made in recent times of Greece's financial troubles, this being only one of the obstacles facing the vintage/warbird scene in Greece, however one determined group has risen above the chaos and their growing stable of vintage machines are presented to the public as a beacon of hope in a somewhat depressed environment. Chaos is also an apt description to describe the final days of our Mystery machine, the superb PWS 26 trainer was thrown into action against overwhelming odds as Poland reeled under German and Soviet hammer blows as war broke in Europe.:: More about this issue »

    Issue 97 ( #4 )

    Classic Wings Issue #97
  • Classic Fighters Omaka 2015
  • Syndicate Yak-9V Progress
  • Flying the Mystery Ship
  • Our last Mystery Aeroplane was a... VL MYRSKY (Storm)
  • Return of the Black Baron!
  • The post Classic Fighters Airshow edition is not surprisingly heavy on this aerial spectacular and focuses particularly on a couple of the many highlights- the V-1 Flying Bomb and the debut of the Spitfire Mk XIV, this complimented by John Lamont’s test flight report and some exclusive and stunning air to air photography. Another of the highlights of CF 15 is the sight of no less than seven Fokker Triplanes and in an in-depth article the Editor describes the harrowing journey to add another to the flock. Staying at Omaka there is also an update on another more modern fighter- the syndicate owned Yak-9V which is well on the way from conversion from a Yak-11 trainer. To the Golden Age - and the completion of our look at the Mystery Ship, with a comprehensive pilot’s report of this classic racer. On the subject of Mysteries – our teaser from the previous issue is described and we reveal that the future of the Finnish Myrsky fighter is looking much brighter as at least one example makes a comeback.:: More about this issue »

    Issue 96 ( #3 )

    Classic Wings Issue #96
  • Flying The Blenheim Mk.1
  • Our Last Mystery Aeroplane was a ... MYSTERY! (Ship)
  • Back with a Vengeance!
  • PAPER DOLL - The Fagen B-25
  • Dashing Dewoitine
  • Some spectacular news items kick off this latest issue, with the discovery of the substantial wreck of a long thought extinct type. This leads nicely into the major features which also focuses on rarities. Accomplished pilot John Romain talks about his decades of association with Bristol's finest - the Blenheim & Bolingbroke and takes us for a spin in the stunning Mk.1 which flew for the first time late last year, this complimented by exclusive air to air images. There is a major feature on a big brute of an aircraft, the much (and unfairly) maligned Vultee Vengeance, of which there is only one intact survivor. In an exciting initiative revealed here, this maybe about to change! A type which helped force the Vengeance out of frontline service is looked at as well- the Fagen's B-25 Mitchell now wears a change of nose and a new paint scheme, a breathtaking photo sortie does most of the talking! A couple of classics from the thirties then steal the spotlight, the stubby Swiss Dewoitine fighter trainer is back in the skies over Switzerland after an in-depth restoration which is described here, as are the few survivors of the type. Our Mystery Aircraft is appropriately the Mystery Ship! An in-depth look at the history of the type is followed with a description of the lovely near accurate reproduction which is turning heads on the UK circuit. A survey of the remaining aircraft, both original and reproduction rounds this article out.:: More about this issue »

    Issue 95 ( #2 )

    Classic Wings Issue #95
  • Our Last Mystery Aeroplane was a ... SNAKE!
  • An extended news section sets the scene for this edition which goes from brute strength, to unequivocal beauty, through to a delicate tourer and an expendable terror weapon! The Hawker Typhoon is featured and the possibility of a second complete example is tantalisingly close, thanks to the hard slog and detective work of Dave Robinson, who is leaving no rumour unturned in his quest to honour the Tiffy pilots. We then focus on the Spitfire projects underway in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing you updates on the more accessible examples, as a prelude to perhaps shining a light on the probable, possible and potential projects which exist in one form or another. The diminutive Mew Gull is the subject of an enthusiastic pilot’s report by Charlie Huke who gets to realise a boyhood dream which we also get to share to a large degree through his enthusiastic description. The usual departments round out this packed edition – something for everyone to enjoy over the Festive Season!:: More about this issue »

    Issue 94 ( #1 )

    Classic Wings Issue #94
  • Aside from our usual packed news section, this issue includes a concerning article which raises serious questions about a recent change in attitude by US Navy bureaucrats which has seen a halt called on the recovery of further WWII aircraft which litter the bottom of Lake Michigan. The author is ‘hands on’ and paints a bleak future should this policy remain in place for the long term. Very soon the remaining wrecks will be lost to history as environmental pressures push these treasures to the point of no return. On a lighter note, we look at an impressive project which will see a rare and iconic Luftwaffe bomber return and we also focus on those few remaining examples which can be seen today. Two aircraft from the Golden era of aviation grace our pages, the lumbering ’Tin Goose’ and the unique and very sleek Fairchild Super. We also turn our attention to a bit of DIY! Steve Robinson decided to bite the bullet and head to the States, where he singled out a mighty Trojan to bring back to Australia. However he first had to have it overhauled before getting instruction on how to handle the beast when it went ‘live.’ A fascinating story and a great heads up for anyone looking to ‘get into a warbird.’ Of course for those who have an ‘eye for candy,’ we have a couple of events featured, with stunning photography!:: More about this issue »

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