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Volume 21 #3, Issue 96

Flying The Blenheim Mk.1

The Blenheim Mk.1John Romain explains how he has a long association with the Blenheim/Bolingbroke from his earliest days in aviation and describes the highs and lows he experienced on the journey which would see him sitting behind the ‘wheel ‘of the magnificent Mk.1 which flew for the first time in November 2014. Complimented with exclusive air to air images, we get to go along for the ride!

Our Last Mystery Aeroplane was a ... MYSTERY! (Ship)

Mystery Aeroplane

Brian Hope relates the story behind Richard Seeley’s beautiful G-TATR, a near accurate reproduction of one of the most significant and iconic American air race aircraft of the late 1920s - The Travel Air Type R Mystery Ship. Starting with an historic overview of the type, Brian then gives us a detailed look at what went into putting a superb representative of this Golden Age Racer back into the skies. Gregory Alegi chimes in with the Italian view of the sole example they received and quells a few myths before we take a look at the other surviving examples – original, reproduction and replica.

Back with a Vengeance!

VengeanceThe Vengeance was quite a remarkable aircraft, projecting a level of foreboding from those on opposing forces, even before they heard its name. The thing about these aircraft though, is that they seem to have effectively disappeared from the face of the Earth! It's a little like another famous dive-bomber - the Junkers Ju87 'Stuka'. Every aviation enthusiast knows what it is. It was probably one of the first aircraft types that they recognised, but comparatively few of us will have seen an intact example in the flesh. In the case of the Vengeance, you won't find a single example flying with any major warbird collection anywhere in the world. Nor will you find one on display in a National Collection, anywhere. In fact, despite their being used by a number of nations, there is no evidence of these aircraft anywhere at all in the Northern Hemisphere. As this feature will go on to explain, the sole intact Vengeance lives in a private museum run by a family trust in Australia. There is however a development on the horizon that has the potential to bring TWO more Vengeances back from the grave, and not just as static display aircraft but as immaculate, restored warbirds.

PAPER DOLL - The Fagen B-25

The Fagen B-25

One of the recent additions to Fagen Fighters WWII Museum is a fully overhauled B-25 Mitchell. In this article we take a look at the bomber’s history and detail some of the work undertaken by B-25 gurus Aero Trader which saw the aircraft lose its solid gun nose in favour of a ‘glass house’- the Fagen’s believing the bombardier seat is "the best seat in the house"- hard to argue really! David Leininger supplies the lovely late evening air to air images.

Dashing Dewoitine

DewoitineIt was 6th August 2014 and tensions were high as a nimble highly polished parasol-winged monoplane taxied on the apron of Lausanne-La Blecherette's regional airport, overlooking the scenic Lake Geneva. However with the aircraft having had the ‘once over’ by the technicians of the AMPA and one of Switzerland’s most experienced vintage aircraft pilots at the controls, the tension was more of an expectation than a worry! Laurent Calame performed the last minute checks before lining-up and opening the throttle , the Hispano Suiza hauling the newly restored Dewoitine into Swiss skies for what would be a successful flight- its first in nine years. Stefan Degraef describes the type’s history and the double restoration of this example before we spotlight the survivors.


Airshows - Wings over Wairarapa

Wings over Wairarapa

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