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Volume 21 #2, Issue 95


Hawker TyphoonDave Robinson has a passion, to focus attention on, and help raise the profiles of some of WWII many forgotten heroes – those that flew the mighty Hawker Typhoon into harms way. What better way to do this than to complete a second example of this exceedingly rare aircraft. Dave describes his remarkable journey which began over a decade ago, his research quickly uncovering many hidden parts throughout the UK and Europe. It was a complete shock to discover just how many parts survived and indeed it soon became apparent that there were enough available to rebuild a complete Typhoon, if only individuals and organisations could be persuaded to allow the parts to be gathered. Undeterred by such complications Dave has forged ahead and is on the verge of making his dream a reality, the securing of a rear fuselage the shot in the arm his project required to take it to the next level. In the article Dave lists all known major components worldwide and of course there is a comprehensive look at the only known complete survivor which is now thrilling museum visitors in Canada.

Our Last Mystery Aeroplane was a ... SNAKE!

BP-20 Snake

Dr. Erich Bachem's BP-20 was the world's first manned, vertical-take-off interceptor and was born out of desperate times. During spring 1944 the Allied bombing offensive began taking a serious toll on the German war machine and with the dwindling resources of the Luftwaffe unable to effectively combat the onslaught the Luftwaffe’s Technical Office began to explore more unconventional means to complement the new jet and rocket fighters coming on line. Initial resistance to the project was swept aside when SS chief Heinrich Himmler took an interest, and the building of prototypes progressed in short order, culminating in a single fatal manned flight and plans for initial operational deployment. The latter was thwarted when the launch site was overrun and the surviving aircraft captured in the last days if the war. This in depth article on the Natter rounds out with a look at the sole original survivor and the few reproductions, along with an exciting initiative which has seen the Snake rise again, potentially off its launch tower!


Australian SpitfiresThere are a large number of Spitfire projects squirreled away within Australia, some two dozen either started or having ‘potential.’ These mostly consist of a collection of parts with a data plate giving an identity and some semblance of provenance. Others have no identity, whilst some of these will morph into other projects as time goes by. Understandably the owners of these prefer to play their cards close to their chests and we are at this time only able to bring you the few reasonably well known and documented machines which should take to the air in the not too distant future. We hope to shed some light on the less ‘visible’ projects by working with owners on an individual basis and reporting when they feel comfortable in the fact they have something more substantial to show for their efforts. So the story is just beginning in many respects and there is a huge amount to look forward to in the long term future.


Mew Gull

Charlie Huke describes flying the lovely ‘late production’ Mew Gull built by Davis Beale, and it is such a great read that you will find it hard not to get caught up in his enthusiasm – finding yourself right there with him in the cockpit! The report is complemented with some superb air to air photography of this elegant machine from the lens of Keith Wilson. Only six examples of the Mew Gull were built and all but Henshaw’s G-AEXF were ultimately destroyed. The much rebuilt ‘XF remains in flying condition and is based at Old Warden. The arrival of David Beale’s fantastic machine onto the vintage aviation scene is therefore is of huge significance and we also take a brief look at how this magnificent initiative came to pass.


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