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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 26

Issue 119 ( #1 )

Classic Wings Issue #119
  • Our Last Mystery Aeroplane was a ...CURTISS P-6E HAWK
  • Airshows- Back to Berrick.
  • A couple of extensive features in this issue, beginning with the elegant German Air Service Albatros, and in particular the D.Va fighters which have returned to the air in healthy numbers thanks mostly to the wizards at The Vintage Aviator in NZ. Here we track the whereabouts of those built by the Company and also look at a couple of others which are resident Downunder- not forgetting the two original examples which have survived, one of which has a rather mysterious past. Our second major feature concerns the relatively recent opening of a museum in the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic. The country has had a tumultuous past and consequently imported a large range of combat aircraft, a cross section of which is on display. We concentrate on two of these, both very historic for different reasons. The Wooden Wonder begins its survivor series with this issue whilst our Mystery machine is another aesthetically pleasing aircraft - this from 1930s America. :: More about this issue »

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