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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 4

Issue 15 ( #4 October - December )

Classic Wings Issue #15
  • The Moth Minor
  • Caboolture Air Spectacular
  • 'T T' - The Trevor Bland Story
  • The Wirrabanger
  • ANZAC Spitfire Pilots
  • Pietenpol Aircamper
  • Dragonfly Mystery
  • Oshkosh 97
  • Wattsbridge Fly-in
  • Classic Wings Downunder deals with Classic aircraft in our part of the world, so it's a great pleasure to publish these exerts from Ventura Publications new book about the pilots who flew and fought in the Second World War. The second book in Ventura's Classic Warbird Series "Spitfire-the ANZAC's" is based around the service careers of eight Australian and New Zealand pilots who served on Spitfires in WWII.

    Issue 14 ( #3 July - September )

    • Sold Out •
    Classic Wings Issue #14
  • The Winjeel
  • Aeronautical Treasure Hunting
  • Raglan Round-up
  • Spitfire Downunder
  • Filling in the Gaps
  • Leopard Moth
  • Cowra 97 Fly-in
  • Skyrace 97
  • Perhaps as many as 700 Spitfires served in this region during the Second World War. Few remain. Even fewer are in flying condition. We take a look at the survivors, the projects, and the future prospects for the Spitfire Downunder.

    Issue 13 ( #2 April - June )

    Classic Wings Issue #13
  • "Zee Stomp"
  • The Russians Are Coming
  • NZ Warbirds Fly In, Omaka
  • Guido Zuccoli - A Tribute
  • Clancy's Baby
  • Ohakea Revisited
  • Global News
  • The Harvard Downunder - Part II
  • Skyrace 97
  • P-40 Progress in Pictures
  • Avalon Airshow
  • Westport, NZ Airshow
  • AAAA Fly In, Mittagong
  • Easter was the weekend selected by the members of the New Zealand Warbirds Association for the staging of their annual fly in. The venue chosen, Omaka Aerodrome, Blenheim. As things turned out, both the date and the location combined to produce an outstanding weekend of flying fun.

    Issue 12 ( #1 January - March )

    Classic Wings Issue #12
  • So You Want To Get Into An Old Aeroplane
  • The "Golden Goose"
  • Creating an Aviation Museum
  • The Harvard Downunder Part 1
  • Turning The Tide
  • A Return to China Lake
  • The Great Tiger Moth Air Race
  • Western Australia Tiger Shoot
  • It is something of a privelage to bring the first Harvard trainer into New Zealand since the Second World War. This came about as a result of a discussion between Graham Orpan and John Kelly about the impending sale by tender of South African Air Force Harvards. The upshot was, we despatched a tender to Pretoria in time for the June 19 deadline, after which we promptly put it out of our minds, only to receive a fax within a couple of weeks telling us we'd been successful........

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