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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 22

Issue 103 ( #5 )

Classic Wings Issue #103
  • A decidedly North American flavour to this issue, with two of the Golden Age Air Sedan’s featured along with a ‘Fleeting’ look at a Consolidated machine which ended up in a sorry state, a Curtiss with a Kiwi flavour and the mighty Mustang! Both of the Golden Age machines are extremely rare aircraft, the Travel Air being one of just two survivors, whilst only four Fairchild F-45s still exist. Remarkably half of the latter are airworthy, this set to increase with the import of one example to NZ where it will undergo a long term restoration to return to the air. A more prominent Kiwi connection comes in the form of the ex RNZAF Kittyhawk. This feature is a must read, as the determination which went into putting this aircraft back into the air, a journey which included a very scary moment, is a fascinating tale. With outstanding air to air photography, period and restoration photos this article is the definite highlight. How do you control a straining bunch of wild horses chaffing at the bit? – simple, you sign up for a course at Stallion 51. Author Dave Currie explains the intricacies of two of the most important facets of taming the Mustang-take off and landing – an article one for the budding fighter pilot for sure!:: More about this issue »

    Issue 102 ( #4 )

    Classic Wings Issue #102
  • The Mosquito stars in this edition, this stunning machine captured in an exclusive photo shoot on its last flight in NZ before heading offshore. In another exclusive we take a sneak peak at the newly opened ‘Dangerous Skies’ exhibition at Omaka’s Aviation Heritage Centre – another jewel added to what is already a world renowned facility and not to be missed. Two Classics from the 1930s are featured, one well known and another not so much. The glorious Ryan ST is to the fore as we follow up on our look at the Southern Hemisphere Survivors and concentrate on those extant north of the Equator. Our Mystery aircraft is the :: More about this issue »

    Issue 101 ( #3 )

    Classic Wings Issue #101
  • CONDOR! – from Airliner to Missile Carrier
  • An aircraft which propelled the Dutch, Danish and Finns out of the biplane era comes under the spotlight in a major feature. The Fokker D.21 retained a fixed undercarriage, but proved to be a good performer at low altitudes, acquitting itself well against the might of the Luftwaffe in 1940, but really excelling for the Finns against the Soviet Air Force during both the Winter and Continuation Wars. Sadly only one complete machine survives today; however there are a number wrecks, one a little known project in Russia. There is also a good possibility that a full scale reproduction will fly in the not too distant future in its homeland. Two Axis types are featured - the elegant Focke Wulf 200 has its development explained as a follow up to the article on the largest aviation restoration project in the world we featured in our previous issue. Our expert author sets the record straight on the lovely Condor. Another rarity is the Japanese Tony and here we look at the type’s troubled life as it attempted to wrestle air superiority away from the Allies -it earning respect, particularly when it would be fitted with a radial engine late in the war. Only one complete Ki-61 survives and we take a look at its remarkable career and are privileged to be able to describe the fighter’s ongoing restoration in Japan. Meanwhile much is happening at Classic Wings home base at the ever vibrant Omaka airfield. As a prelude to the opening of the Aviation Heritage Centre’s ‘Dangerous Skies’ exhibition which will show case WWII aviation we focus on one of the star exhibits, the full scale reproduction Ju 87 Stuka - from its humble beginnings to its current formidable presence. Rounding out the issue are a number of events, all featuring some superb imagery.:: More about this issue »

    Issue 100 ( #2 )

    Classic Wings Issue #100
  • CONDOR - The Return of Tank’s Big Bird!
  • FLAK-BAIT - Preserving History
  • TEMPEST BREWING - Combat Veteran Restoration
  • Airshow - Tyabb, Australia
  • A packed 100th Issue concentrates on two epic restorations, that of the rebirth of the elegant Condor, this example recovered from a fjord in great anticipation, but which ended in a disaster. However the efforts of a museum and several companies have ensured that this ‘the largest vintage aircraft restoration in the world’ will eventually see the display of this beautiful airliner come maritime patrol aircraft, hopefully at a very historic location. At the other end of the spectrum, the mighty Sabre powered Tempest V is spotlighted in an article which looks at the restoration of an ex 486(RNZAF) Squadron combat veteran with a view of returning it to the skies. One historic aircraft which did survive the war wholly intact is the iconic Flak-Bait- the Marauder which survived over 200 missions despite being a magnet for flak and fighters. The aircraft is currently undergoing conservation at the NASM and here we bring you up to date with those efforts. On the lighter side, the first in a two part series takes a look at the surviving and very desirable STA Ryan aircraft, firstly in this part of the world. It is complemented by some lovely air to air photos taken over the stunning Marlborough Sounds in NZ. But wait- there’s more! There are some exclusive news items with a couple of exciting teasers therein.:: More about this issue »

    Issue 99 ( #1 )

    Classic Wings Issue #99
  • Dutch Delight!
  • Double Sunrise Cat
  • Last Mystery Aircraft FFVS J 22
  • Italy's Hunchback
  • The Lost Lysander
  • Plenty of encouragement for those who dream of finding a long forgotten aircraft in a remote location in this issue. A casual conversation regarding a children's play thing led to a follow up which revealed a remarkably intact Lysander sitting on a Canadian farm, and given the number of relics recovered over the years in the vastness of Canada, it surely won't be the last! A major feature is that of the Dutch Memorial Flight which is doing a fine job of honouring the aviation history of the Netherlands. Among its impressive fleet of vintage / warbirds is a Spitfire which flew with 485 (RNZAF) Squadron over the D-Day beaches and a Ryan which escaped the Japanese to reach Australia, these two historic machines , along with the B-25, come in for special attention. Two of the lesser known aircraft also feature in this issue, the backbone of the Italian bomber and torpedo force, the S.79 Sparrowhawk is described and the very few survivors spotlighted, whilst the Swedish J 22 home grown fighter is our Mystery machine. Closer to home, the clandestine service flown by the Qantas Catalinas is described, the unsung heroes who flew this long & lonely route are recognised and remembered by the Longreach Museum, who decided to purchase a Catalina in Spain and fly it to Australia in a journey no less epic- which didn't go to plan, but was ultimately successful! To cap it off we have some superb photographic coverage of the Temora and Reno events.:: More about this issue »

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