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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 11

Issue 48 ( #5 October - December )

Classic Wings Issue #48
  • Buyers Guide to the Yaks - Part 3
  • Red Star Hurricane
  • Wangaratta Workshop
  • Fleet in Focus
  • Flight of the Red Dragons
  • Airshow USA
  • In our continuing in depth look at Yakovlevs' piston engine designs, we concentrate on the new build Pratt & Whitney powered, Yak UPW. Based on a late war prototype which became the forerunner of the Yak 11 trainer, the aircraft has been redesigned and produced at a military aircraft factory in Romania.

    Issue 47 ( #4 July - September )

    Classic Wings Issue #47
  • Haul From Hartvik - Ju52
  • Extended News Pages
  • Airshow USA
  • Yakovlev Fighters Pt2
  • Trojan Trio
  • Walrus
  • Wattsbridge
  • In a series of spectacular recoveries in the 1980s, five time capsule Junkers 52 aircraft were raised from a Norwegian lake. Lost during a failed supply mission in the opening days of the invasion of Norway, they were forced to land...

    Issue 46 ( #3 May - June )

    Classic Wings Issue #46
  • FW190 'Dora' Reborn
  • Curtiss Helldiver Recovery
  • Caboolture 2004
  • Yakovlev Fighters
  • NZ Vintage Aviation Tour
  • Square One Aviation
  • Chino Airshow
  • In 2003 the Champlin Fighter Collection was sold to the Museum of Flight, Seattle. One aircraft was not included however, this being the jewel of the collection, the sole surviving Focke Wulf Fw190D-13. This unique aircraft was turned over to Gosshawk for a detailed restoration that would see the aircraft returned as close as possible to how it looked when surrendered in May 1945.

    Issue 45 ( #2 March - April )

    Classic Wings Issue #45
  • Avro Anson Project
  • Vickers Vincent
  • Spitfires For Everyone
  • Seafire Flies Again
  • Warbirds Over Wanaka 04
  • Tyabb Airshow
  • Cactus Fly-In, Casa Grand
  • Avro Anson 1 VH-BAF had its last flight during the 1990s, but work is now underway that will ensure that the aircraft will again take to the air in the not too distant future. Bill Reid bought the aircraft in 2002 and had it dismantled and shipped from Melbourne to Nelson, N.Z. That was the easy part...

    Issue 44 ( #1 January - February )

    Classic Wings Issue #44
  • Flying The DH-2
  • Stuka Survivors
  • Mosquito Magic
  • Chipmunk Fever
  • Dart Kitten Remembered
  • SK.14 Reproduction
  • Point Cook Centenary Fly-In
  • It is a great privilege to be able to climb aboard an aircraft from a long bygone era, having read about them in history books all my life, and then start it up and fly away back in time. The Redfern Airco DH-2 is just such a time machine and I truly enjoy the experience of flying it. Stuart Tantrum

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