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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 2

Issue 7 ( #4 October - December )

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Classic Wings Issue #7
  • Cessna Airmaster
  • Boomerang Update
  • Early Flying Memories
  • Corsair Survivors Downunder
  • Corben "Baby Ace"
  • My Old Aeroplane Dreams Come True
  • QVAG Fly In Watts Bridge 95
  • OSHKOSH 95
  • The Confederate Air Force in New Zealand
  • Alpine Oscar
  • Issue 6 ( #3 July - September )

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    Classic Wings Issue #6
  • A Tantalising Taylorcraft
  • Off To War With A Vengance
  • Luftwaffe Legacy
  • Avro Cierva C-30
  • V.E. Day Airshow
  • Rearwin Remembered
  • Wangaratta Easter Show
  • Meeting The Challenge
  • Cowra 95 Fly In.
  • The cloud base may not have been particularly high but the spirits certainly were on Sunday the 7th of May as the historic Wigram Airfield came alive with the sound of WWII aircraft. Organised by the Alpine Fighter Collection the event was well supported by the New Zealand Warbirds Association, Confederate Air Force, the Catalina Club and many owners of period airplanes and military vehicles.

    Issue 5 ( #2 April - June )

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    Classic Wings Issue #5
  • Kittyhawk Survivors Downunder
  • Skyrace '95
  • Pacific Aircraft Kittyhawk restoration facility
  • Flying the Spitfire Mk XIV, Recollections of a Fighter Pilot.
  • John Sincair's 1936 BA Swallow
  • Australians and New Zealanders operated P-40s in many theatres, most notably the Pacific and North Africa. The Air Forces of both countries each took on charge a wide variety of models of the series, the total for the RAAF reaching 848 whilst the RNZAF operated 297 of the type. Over the past decade the P-40 population has at least doubled with over twenty flyable or soon to be flyable examples scattered between Australia and New Zealand. It is also envisaged that this number is to increase even further in the not too distant future.

    Issue 4 ( #1 January - March )

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    Classic Wings Issue #4
  • Ghosts from the Jungle
  • Tiger Moth Air Race
  • Wirraway Profile
  • Bullocks, Avros & Boeings
  • South Westland Air Service Celebrations
  • So You Want To Get Into an old Aeroplane
  • Hotrod Harvard
  • Ashburton Aviation Museum
  • Wings & Wheels - The Archerfield Show
  • On entering the hangar, a first reaction is to rub your eyes in disbelief and step back to survey the sight. Having done a double take the reality of the scene sinks in to allow you to take full stock of the astonishing sight that has unfolded before your eyes. Encapsulated within the confines of the hangar and standing together in advanced stages of reconstruction are the unmistakable and not too disimilar shapes of two Douglas A20 Light Attack Bombers.

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