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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 27

Issue 124 ( #1 )

Classic Wings Issue #124
  • Our Mystery Aircraft was a ....BLACKBURN RIPON
  • Airshows: Wings over Illawarra, Australia.
  • This issue sees an extended news section with a good number of exciting announcements and several first flights being made over the past few months. Major features focus on the Anson, which, Bill Reidís magnificent machine aside, are making somewhat of a comeback Downunder with more resourced being expended on the type both at a national level and by the numerous teams of volunteers at local museums spread across both NZ and OZ. Of a similar era but still clinging to the biplane doctrine is the Blackburn Ripon, for its day adequate enough in its intended role of fleet torpedo bomber. Sadly only one of these big biplanes has survived, in less than ideal condition. Our regular survivor features continue with a look at the impressive Great War SPAD fighters, a number of European examples having impressive combat histories. The venerable Pilot Maker is still as popular as ever, with a number of T-6 / Harvard restorations underway either side of the Tasman. We check in on progress as a return to the air is within sight of some, but a way off for others.:: More about this issue »

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