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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 20

Issue 93 ( #5 )

Classic Wings Issue #93
  • We go a little more up market in this issue with Omaka receiving the Royal seal of approval! We were privileged to host William and Kate in our little corner of the world in early April, and we have a few pages covering the event, in what is an extended news section. Our main features include a look at the recovery and restoration of a P-40K which is captured over a rather appropriate chilly landscape in exclusive air to airs. Staying with WWII types we focus on Imperial Japan’s B-29 interceptor, the Mitsubishi Raiden. This tubby fighter has a complicated history and we do our best to unravel it, winding it up with a close look at the only known survivor. The Editor muses over the state of the warbird market, particularly the more affordable, and perhaps less glamorous, entry level aircraft, the Yak-52s and CJ6 Nanchangs. A recently flown and one of the most outstanding examples of the latter is featured, after having made a first flight very recently. This article might just give you the push needed to go from spectator to participant! Our Mystery machine is the feisty Hanriot HD.1 and author Gregory Alegi debunks some of the misconceptions surround this fighter and thereafter we detail the few original surviving aircraft. Finally, we have a bit of air show action from around the world, and have been fortunate to secure some stunning air to air images of a number of the high profile participants.:: More about this issue »

    Issue 92 ( #4 )

    Classic Wings Issue #92
  • Airshow
  • Plenty of variety in this issue, from Classics through to premier WWII fighters and from the obscure of the Mystery aircraft through to the ‘WOW’ factor of the recovery of an amazingly well preserved twin engine bomber/trainer from its seventy year resting place. We take a look at the resurrection of a flock of Proctors in the UK and then head ‘across the Pond’ to focus on the Curtiss-Wright birds, taking a look at the survivors, some of which are under the radar. Southern Spitfires feature, this time those which grace museums in South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia. The history of each is detailed and this includes some very interesting images. Italian historian Gregory Alegi takes a look at a Hungarian type which has proved difficult to nail down- the only survivor was not correctly identified until 1974! Aerobatic pilot Greg Shelton puts us in the cockpit of his Wildcat and takes us through flying an air show display in what is a rather unlikely mount for such a task. Late last year a super example of one of the RCAF workhorses, the Bolingbroke, was recovered from a farm where it had been since 1946, its journey has been a long one, but now it will live on as a memorial to the many lives that it touched over the years.:: More about this issue »

    Issue 91 ( #3 )

    Classic Wings Issue #91
  • Lancaster Legacy
  • Aeronca Airborne
  • Mystery Aircraft
  • Warbirds Downunder
  • Reno's 50th
  • Southern Spitfires Part 1
  • Airshows
  • Plenty of eye candy in this issue, with our chief photographer able to secure a spot on the HARS Caribou for a photo shoot featuring Spitfires, P-51, Hudson, P-40 and Boomerang prior to Temora's Warbirds Downunder airshow- results are nothing short of spectacular! We feature two vastly contrasting aircraft - an example of the tiny and arguable aesthetically challenged Aeronca C3 has returned to the skies it first broached back in 1936. The owner describes the effort to get it back where it belongs. The mighty Lancaster needs no introduction, and a feature looks at the history of the airworthy example in Canada, with well known warbird pilot Keith Skilling recounting his experience in flying the iconic heavy bomber for a short while- an opportunity to follow in his father's footsteps. This year saw the 50th Anniversary of the 'Worlds Fastest Motorsport' and the Editor was able to attend and soak up the atmosphere of this famous event, which has been under pressure to call it a day following the tragedy of 2010. He describes what he witnessed and feels sure that the Reno Races will see another 50 years!:: More about this issue »

    Issue 90 ( #2 )

    Classic Wings Issue #90
  • Mystery Aeroplane- PILGRIM MODEL 100
  • PAST TO PRESENT - The Secrets of Martlet AL246
  • Airshows: Hamilton, Legends, Swedish Fly-In
  • Our latest issue begins with a bumper news section before focusing on one of Imperial Japan’s aerobatic and long serving fighters, the Ki-43 Hayabusa – better known in the West as the ‘Oscar.’ Very few of these important combat aircraft survive intact and of those that do, two are somewhat of a mystery, in particular the example which has now returned home. One of the Oscar’s early adversaries was the P-40 and one of the most original aircraft of this breed to survive is the focus of an article which details a remarkable journey-one that is about to embark on another chapter. One of the most fascinating of all aircraft projects is to reveal an aircraft’s history by painstakingly peeling back layers of post-war paint in order to uncover that which has not been seen in decades. The Fleet Air Arm Museum has done this with their Corsair and has just completed the process on another of their gems- the Grumman Martlet. We get a sneak preview of how this was accomplished and the stunning results. Not known for its looks, the Fairchild Pilgrim comfortably took all that was thrown at it in its stride, becoming respected for its ability to take on the toughest of environments. We take a look at the type and the few that survive – featuring some air to air photos of the only airworthy example. :: More about this issue »

    Issue 89 ( #1 )

    Classic Wings Issue #89
  • Our Last Mystery Aircraft was a PZL P.11
  • TEXAS FLYING LEGENDS - Flying with a Mission
  • THE GOSSHAWK - A Rare Bird!
  • Airshows
  • Our latest edition features working warbirds as well as those who work on warbirds! The former comes to us via the magnificent Texas Flying Legends whose mission it is to bring iconic aircraft to the people in order that they remember those who sacrificed so much for freedom and to remind us all that this freedom is in fact, not ‘free.’ Dave Goss operates one of the most respected restoration workshops in the USA and has worked on an amazing number of vintage, classic and warbird aircraft over several decades. We take a look at his career through his own eyes in what is a fascinating ‘roll up your sleeves and get the job done’ ethic which is based upon family and mentoring from the likes of the late Doug Champlin. Our Mystery aircraft is one of the few types Dave has not had through his hands –the PZL P.11. One of the world’s most advanced fighters when it first appeared, it would be found wanting not long afterwards when it was forced into an ultimately futile battle against a formidable foe. One of the most spectacular air shows in the world is examined, Classic Fighters at Omaka delivered big time and our extensive coverage will surely get you planning to attend in 2015! One of the debut aircraft at this year’s event was Cam Hawley’s magnificent Beech Staggerwing, so it is appropriate that he describes the journey of this lovely machine from its arrival in Australia pre war, through to its award winning restoration. :: More about this issue »

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