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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 16

Issue 73 ( #5 )

Classic Wings Issue #73
  • Albatros!
  • Swallow into the Storm
  • Catalinas Downunder
  • Minor Miracle!
  • Airshows
  • Gene de Marco describes the journey creating an accurate Albatros reproduction, with air-to-air shots by Gavin Conroy. We continue our detailed look at the Messerschmitt Me 262 and we take a look at the histories and current status of ‘Downunder’ Catalina flying boats. Rounding up our aircraft, we look at the restoration of Moth Minor VH-CZB now finished in RAAF Trainer colours. Airshow coverage includes Hahnweide, Germany and TVAL Remembrance Day, New Zealand.

    Issue 72 ( #4 )

    Classic Wings Issue #72
  • Nieuport 28
  • Cart Horses - TT Mustangs
  • Swallow into the Storm
  • Yokosuka D4Y Suise!
  • Air Show Round-up
  • Out of Kingsbury, Texas comes a restored WWI Nieuport 28 documented by Author Tom Gaylord. We have details of TT Mustangs as used as target tugs, including the survivors. The first part of our series on the jet fighter takes a look at the development of the Messerschmitt Me 262, while our mystery aircraft is the Yokosuka D4Y Suisei, the fastest carrier borne dive bomber aircraft in the Pacific. Airshow reports include Thunder over Michigan, Reno, Oshkosh and Wattsbridge.

    Issue 71 ( #3 )

    Classic Wings Issue #71
  • Boomerang Comes Back
  • Targeting Lizzie
  • P-40 Parade
  • Simplex Red Arrow
  • Air Shows
  • Anzac Fly In
  • Chino
  • Bundaberg
  • Australia is inseparable from Boomerangs, as evidenced by Craig Justo’s article on Matthew Denning’s freshly rebuilt CA-12. A restored Canadian Lysander MK III, two Curtiss P-40 Parades and a Simplex red arrow from the 1920’s round out this issue. Add in an ANZAC Fly In and Chino and Bundaberg air shows for a complete reading experience.

    Issue 70 ( #2 )

    Classic Wings Issue #70
  • Return to Flight -
  • A tribute to a Kiwi ace
  • Desert Hawk
  • People's Fighter Revealed
  • Miles Falcon
  • Air Shows
  • Classic Fighters
  • Cactus Fly-In
  • Echuca
  • Gavin Conroy captures Spitfire Mk.IX magic and Curtis P-40N-1 glory in some stunning air-to-air shots in these exclusive photo shoots. Rounding out this issue we have a Heinkel He 162 restoration and a Miles Falcon, the mystery aircraft from our last issue. We also report in detail on the fifth Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow in Blenheim during Easter 2009.

    Issue 69 ( #1 )

    Classic Wings Issue #69
  • Escape from Iron Range
  • A Spartan Existence
  • Capturing a Canso
  • Naval Gazing!
  • P-38 Survivirs Pt. 3
  • D.H. Hawk Moth
  • Air Shows Downunder
  • A triumphant return to the skies for an iconic P-40, surviving Simmonds Spartan biplanes, a U-boat hunting Canadian Canso, further stories from A and T Recovery and their work in the cold waters of Lake Michigan, our final overview of the surviving P-38s and a D.H. Hawk Moth round out this months stories. Upcoming airshows include the AAAA Toy Run and Wings over Waiarapa.

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