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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 12

Issue 53 ( #5 November - December )

Classic Wings Issue #53
  • Dornier DO-335
  • The Full Fury Pt.2
  • Pete's P-39
  • Ghosts of The Great War
  • Focke Wulf 190 Pt.1
  • Nanchang Refugees
  • Airshows : Midlands & Reno
  • Transferred to the new Dulles Centre and reassembled for display at the end of September was the last remaining example of the fastest production piston-engined fighter ever built… the Dornier Do-355 'Pheil' (Arrow).....

    Issue 52 ( #4 September - October )

    Classic Wings Issue #52
  • Corsair Portfolio
  • Battle For Survival
  • The Full Fury Pt.1
  • Creve Couer
  • Edgar Percival EP.9
  • Airshows Europe, USA & Australia
  • Korean War combat veteran F4U-4 Corsair Bu 97359 flew with VF-44 off the USS Boxer raking up 300 combat hours. The sortie undertaken for this portfolio was far less dangerous the aircraft being ‘shot’ by....

    Issue 51 ( #3 June - August )

    Classic Wings Issue #51
  • Silent Wrecks
  • P-47 Surfaces
  • Fokker D.VII
  • Boeing 40
  • Nth Queensland Warbirds
  • Airshows
  • For the first time a film crew have been able to visit an incredible aircraft dumping ground. In depths of over 100ft. are dozens of stripped aircraft including at least one Avenger, SBD Dauntless dive bombers,....

    Issue 50 ( #2 March - May )

    Classic Wings Issue #50
  • P-51 Dove of Peace
  • Berlin's New Museum
  • The 'Blue Max' Pfalz
  • Gulls! Gulls! Gulls!
  • Airshows
  • Imported into New Zealand by Robert Borrius Broek, this P-51 has recently flown at its new home at Wanaka. We look at the aircraft‚Äôs history from its shipment to Australia, return to the U.S. for rebuild and include not only historic photos, but some stunning air to air shots of it over the spectacular Alpine scenery....

    Issue 49 ( #1 January - February )

    Classic Wings Issue #49
  • Cobra Comeback
  • Pays P40 Takes Flight
  • Pima Progress
  • New At The Zoo
  • Buyers Guide To Yaks
  • Percival Gulls
  • Another stunning recovery from the wilds of the Russian North is now safely stored in the U.K. Lt. Ivan Baranovsky was an experienced combat pilot and disappeared on a transfer flight in 1944. The fate of the P-39 and pilot remained a mystery ....

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