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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 14

Issue 63 ( #5 )

Classic Wings Issue #63
  • Bombers from the Deep
  • Kim Kiger & Replicraft
  • Bristol M.Ic
  • Down Under Adventure Flying Directory
  • Airshows
  • This issue features restoration of multi-engine bombers recovered from the ocean depths, re-drawn aircraft plans by Jim Kiger, a look at the Bristol Monoplane, our Down-Under Adventure Flying Directory and we report from “The Last Roundup” of P-51 Mustangs. Great stories, great pictures.

    Issue 62 ( #4 )

    Classic Wings Issue #62
  • Superlative Spitfire!
  • Percival Passion
  • Beeches Downunder
  • Curtiss Robin
  • Airshows
  • For many aviation enthusiasts around the world, there is no flying machine more appealing, more glamorous, more admired, than R J Mitchell's beautiful Spitfire. Read the story of how this machine inspired a nation. We report too from the Oshkosh, Reno, Bundaberg and Watts-bridge airshows.

    Issue 61 ( #3 )

    Classic Wings Issue #61
  • Precision Aerospace Productions
  • Curtiss 'America'
  • MiG-nificent!
  • Tundra Survivor
  • P-40s Downunder
  • The Return of Jasta 11
  • From "the world's largest restoration shop" to MiG's, P40's and the Jasta 11 - part of the Richthofen Flying Circus - this issue is packed with interest from cover to cover.

    Issue 60 ( #2 )

    Classic Wings Issue #60
  • Creating Havoc
  • Stunning Stinson
  • Bristol's Beast - The Beaufighter
  • The Last Harvard
  • P-40B Tomahawk
  • Aishows
  • The 2007 Classic Fighters marked another milestone in New Zealand Airshow history. Our June issue has details and stunning photography. For a preview and a look at some magnificent restorations...

    Issue 59 ( #1 January - February )

    Classic Wings Issue #59
  • Museum Special
  • Italian Stallions 2
  • Romeo....Romeo?
  • Crislea Skyjeep & Super Ace
  • Anson Update
  • DH.4 Restoration Pt 2
  • Airshows
  • December 9th marked an historic day for aviation in Marlborough, New Zealand, with the opening to the public of the first stage of the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center. The ‘Knights of the Sky’ exhibition is stunningly presented with extensive ....

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