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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 25

Issue 114 ( #1 )

Classic Wings Issue #114
  • AVRO 504
  • Our Last Mystery Aircraft was a... EKW C-35
  • In this issue we cover aviation from the Great War, the Golden Age and WWII, focusing on some icons of these eras and one which isnít so well known. Avroís multipurpose 504 is one of two major features, this first of two instalments concentrates on its short combat career and its major role as a trainer. The lovely de Havilland Comet is the other, looking at its stardom which followed its long distance racing and record setting as it changed the face of aircraft design in the 1930s. There are a couple of WWII types which contrast markedly Ė the iconic Junkers Ju 52 and the obscure EKW C-35. The former has an interesting history and is flying happily in France today, although needing much TLC - as any lady of advanced age expects! The latter, one of the last of the military biplanes, spent most of its career keeping a watch on neutral borders. Beijing has unveiled a spectacular new exhibition so we visit that and finally there was a rather good air show which took place at Edinburgh Australia. Despite being low key it displayed some wonderful aircraft and drew a large crowd.:: More about this issue »

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