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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 18

Issue 83 ( #5 )

Classic Wings Issue #83
  • Simply Super! - A Racer Reborne
  • Chariot of Fire - Enola Gay (Pt. 1)
  • Flying the IL-2 / For the Motherland
  • Japanese Sabre
  • Sopwith Snipe Snapshot
  • Airshows
  • What is more powerful than a F2G Super Corsair? Well two of them of course! Race #74 returns to the skies and teams up with her sister ship. Attention then turns to the B-29 which ushered in the Atomic age. Flying the most-produced combat aircraft in history is described, and the aircrew that made the ultimate sacrifice for the Motherland are remembered. Japan’s disposable attack aircraft, an Aussie T-28 and the Great War’s final Sopwith are spotlighted, whilst Temora grabs our air show feature.

    Issue 82 ( #4 )

    Classic Wings Issue #82
  • Soviet Steel - The IL-2 Shturmovik
  • Stampe Collecting Downunder
  • Winjeel 423
  • ME 209
  • Airshows
  • We look at the Russian IL-2 Shturmovik with its many nicknames, move on to Stampe Collecting, or more precisely the Stampe SV.4 biplane, also known as the Metric Moth, then Lyn and Di Forster share their Winjeel 423 with us and we close with our Mystery Aeroplane, the venerable Messerschmitt Me209. Airshows include Hahnweide in Germany and MAKS in Russia.

    Issue 81 ( #3 )

    Classic Wings Issue #81
  • Russ Turner's Camel
  • Bridge Buster B-25
  • Klemm 35
  • Seafury Kings
  • Airshows
  • We have quite a round-up this issue. Frustrated big guy Russ Turner builds a Camel, inspired by a Pup. We look at the B-25 Mitchell held by The Flying Heritage Collection including the painstaking restoration and stunning air-to-air photographs. Featuring as our mystery aircraft, we look at the history and status of the elegant Klemm. Finally we get a close look at the Sanders Family archives. Airshows include Chino, Hamilton, Legends and Oshkosh.

    Issue 80 ( #2 )

    Classic Wings Issue #80
  • 'V for Victory' - Classic Fighters 2011
  • Tomohawk Files
  • Stalking Southern Skies
  • History with Heart. The Real Deal! (Pt 2)
  • Stinson L-5 Downunder
  • Airshows
  • ‘V For Victory’, we have coverage of Classic Fighters 2011, the Southern Spectacular featuring a P-40C, Albatros D.Va and Strikemaster and all the aerial action from both the Great War and WWII. Only at Omaka! Gavin Conroy gets up close and personal with a Rod Lewis Tomahawk, Frank Parker describes his experiences flying theLuftwaffe’s Butcher Bird, then we look again at the Focke Wulf Fw 190 restoration. Our mystery aircraft is the Stinson L5, popularly known as the ‘Flying Jeep’. Getting the job done with the minimum of fuss and comfort. We conclude by looking at two airshows, the RAAF Air Pilgrimage and the Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia Fly-in.

    Issue 79 ( #1 )

    Classic Wings Issue #79
  • The Real Deal - History with Heart Part 1
  • Killer Komer
  • In Pursuit of Flight - Flying America
  • The Resurrection of a Hurricane
  • The Fall of the Baron
  • Airshows
  • History with a heart – we look at Paul Allen’s Focke Wulf Fw 190 restoration, then take a peek at the Killer Komet, the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford’s Komet with a focus on the remainder of the survivors and their known history. The article In Pursuit of Flight looks at the replica of the ‘America’ flying boat, then Ron Werneth updates us with progress on the resurrection of the world’s earliest surviving Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 fighter. Finally Editor Graham Orphan reports first-hand on the Fall of the Red Baron. We have just one air show this issue – The Cactus Fly In.

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