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Volume 20 #1, Issue 89


Finland Hurricane ConservationPublic interest in the major air shows around New Zealand seems to be on the rise and the impressive turnout over Easter at the Omaka, Blenheim spectacular known as ‘Classic Fighters’ served to confirm the trend. The theme was very ‘Uncle Sam’ this time around, a celebration of the war winning contribution made by the forces of the United States in the major conflicts of the 20th Century and the not inconsiderable glamour, swagger and wealth they bought with them wherever they went - NZ included. In this feature we describe how the show unfolded.


Mosquito KA114

One of the debut aircraft at this year’s Omaka show was Cam Hawley’s magnificent Beech Staggerwing, so it is appropriate that he describes the journey of this lovely machine from its arrival in Australia in 1937 to much fanfare, through to its wartime service and probable use by MacArthur. The ‘meat’ of the article describes the labour of love to return the elegant aircraft to the skies, this resulting in a superb award winning restoration. Oh- there are some pretty nice air to airs to go along with it!


RAF Spitfire

GossHawk Unlimited has built a reputation as one of America’s premier warbird workshops, an accolade which has been earned through years of dedication, plain old hard work and the support of a number of people - not least of which are the immediate family! This article takes a look at the origins of the company and its rise, taking in some of the highlights that were experienced by Dave Goss along the way. Included are some amusing stories and nostalgic photo coverage. Fortunately Dave’s passion for ‘things with wings’ shows no sign of waning!

TEXAS FLYING LEGENDS - Flying with a Mission

Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory

Moose Peterson takes a look at the Texas Flying Legends Museum which is as unique and special as the aircraft they fly. One thing that makes the TFLM stand out is their commitment to veterans and the lengths they go to honour those men and women who served, this highlighted by a special flight for two such veterans described in this article. Also revealed are some of TFLM future plans which will see some exciting aircraft join the current fleet, including P-38 Lightning, a P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51C &D Mustangs and two Bearcats!

TEXAS FLYING LEGENDS - Flying with a Mission

With the fabric covered biplane still dominating the worlds’ air forces, the appearance of the first of the high wing monoplane P series of fighters caused quite a sensation in 1930. Zygmunt Puławski design with its gull wing allowing for excellent pilot view would generate wide interest, so much so that the layout would become known as the ‘Pulawski Wing/Polish Wing.’ In this feature we take a look at the type’s development which would see the aircraft become cutting edge when it first appeared, however supremacy was fleeting and as war erupted the fighter was found to be wanting against its foe. The sole surviving aircraft is detailed and we touch on an interesting initiative.


Beijing Exhibition

- Planes of Fame
- Classic Fighters Omaka 2013

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