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Volume 19 #3, Issue 86

Anson Action!

Avro Anson

Avro Anson Mk I, MH120, ZK-RRA carried out two successful post restoration flights from Nelson Airport, New Zealand on 18 July. In our major article both Bill and wife Robyn describe the epic journey to bring an often overlooked twin back to the skies whilst test pilot Dave Phillips relates how the aircraft flies. The attention to detail of this decade long restoration is breathtaking, as is Gavin Conroy’s air to air photography.

Arado Ar196

Arado Ar 196

Our last Mystery Aeroplane was the German Navy’s standard shipboard reconnaissance aircraft. The Ar 196 was reported to be well liked by its crew who found it handled well both in the air and on the water. Following the demise of the Kriegsmarine’s operational capital ships the type would continue to serve from occupied coasts up until the end of 1944. We overview the types history and take a look at the few survivors.

The Silver Bullet - 'Precious Metal'

Silver Bullet

Two thousand, two hundred and thirty nine cubic inches, dual overhead cams, 48 valves, 24 sparkplugs, a very large two stage/two speed Supercharger, contra-rotating propellers and the mighty PR-100 carburettor makes for the largest and most powerful V-12 piston engine to ever power any aircraft. Thom Richard describes flying the beast whilst David Leininger provides the accompanying air to airs.

Morane - Saulnier Madness!


With Blenheim hosting the Russian team at the time of last years’ Rugby World Cup, the crazy idea that local volunteers should build an aircraft which was used in one of the most bizarre combats of the First World War was floated. Alexander Kazakov thought using a grappling hook to snare an enemy aircraft would be a good idea – he tried it only once! He would survive this action and go on to become Imperial Russia’s greatest ace. The recreation of his aircraft and action now hangs proudly in the foyer of the magnificent Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.



-Hamilton AIrshow


-& the Oshkosk Grand Champion: A-36

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