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Volume 19 #2, Issue 85


Israeli Air Force

Peter Arnold focuses on the surviving Spitfires extant in Israel and unravels their complicated histories. Included is a table of all surviving IAF Spitfires worldwide, and as an aside he describes the detective work required in identifying the last ‘anonymous’ Spitfire.


Black Magic Spitfire

An exclusive visit to the Negev desert has offered author Dr. Andreas Zeitler an insight into the Israeli Air Force Collection’s airworthy fleet and in particular its ‘star’, the sole airworthy Spitfire in the Middle East. The importance of this aircraft to the people of Israel as it reflects the turbulent history of the State is described.



Arriving at Omaka, Blenheim, New Zealand in late 2004 was a rather forlorn example of one of Mother Russia’s premier low level dog fighters. This Yak-3Ua had stemmed from the new production run of Orenburg built fighters and had made its way to the USA, where it suffered an accident. This article takes a detailed look as to how the fighter was rebuilt to include a second seat, whilst co owner Graeme Frew describes the thrill of ‘going solo’ in the aircraft for the first time.


Saiman 202

Our Mystery Aircraft is the Italian pre-war tourer, trainer and liaison aircraft, the SAIMAN 202. Starting out as a civil design which was employed by Aero clubs, the aircraft found itself selected by Mussolini’s Air Force to equip the training units for the ever increasing demands of war. Returning to Aero club duties post-war, only a few have survived the passage of time, and we take a look at the survivors.


Monosport Amphibian Flying-Boat

Our Mystery Aeroplane features Vadim Borisovich Shavrov’s amphibian flying-boat which he envisaged would be suitable for sports flying, training and light duties, particularly in the sparsely populated areas which had rudimentary facilities to support aircraft in any shape or form.
The aircraft would be the first of its type in the Soviet Union and would soon prove to be all of these things - displaying its versatility throughout the USSR from the Arctic to the Far East and from Karelia to Siberia – proving the old adage -simple but effective!


'Peggy' Replica

At over half a century of age, one of the earliest of Great War replica aircraft has returned to flight status in honour of Kiwi ‘Ace’ ‘Malcolm ‘Mad Mac’ McGregor. Built by Joe Pfeiffer the Pup had been shipped to Omaka to undergo some ‘refinement’ at the hands of Antique Aero Engineering. The aeroplane remains as evidence of the early days of the reawakening of interest in the fighting scouts of the 1914-18 war in the air.


Vultee BT-13

Several issues ago we took great delight in announcing the pending arrival into Australia of an airworthy Vultee BT- 13 ‘Valiant.’ Months have passed and that machine is now flying happily from its base in New South Wales. Owner John Kempton describes his quest to lasso one of these machines and bring it to the ‘Sunburnt Country’. We round out by taking a short look at what is in store down under on the BT front.


Planes of Fame
Warbirds over Wanaka
Doolittle Anniversary
AAAA Fly-in Corwra

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