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Classic Wings Edition · Volume 24

Issue 109 ( #1 )

Classic Wings Issue #109
  • Our Last Mystery Aircraft was a...FAIREY III
  • Airshows
  • This issue is packed with goodies, particularly for those which like a bit of a treasure hunt! Some absolute gems have recently been recovered from the cold waters of the Far North, some we can identify now but one will have to wait until next time. Our other features focus on rare types as well. Following on from our articles in the previous issue, we look at the few remaining survivors from the Siebel 204 stable, most of these situated in Eastern Europe. Only two of the 1930s state of the art fighters, the Bristol Bulldog, remain however a gentleman in the US has decided a representative of the type needs to be in the air and tells of the journey to achieve this. Fraught with obstacles he is nevertheless embracing that Bulldog spirit and is determined to succeed. As you will witness through the article, there is no doubt he will! Our mystery machine is the versatile Fairey III, an aircraft which was could be used in either land or sea plane configuration with little fuss. Used in a variety of roles and by several nations it served with distinction and was particularly noted for some impressive long distance flights. Sadly only one example survives, but fortunately it is a famous one which stands in tribute to the fortitude of the aviators of the time who were not afraid to meet a challenge head on. The remarkable Collings Foundation has added a rare bird to their flying stable, a P-38 which has spent much of its recent life on museum display, but is now out and about educating the younger generations. There is of course our usual selection of eye candy, with spectacular images of some of the most iconic aircraft gracing air show skies.:: More about this issue »

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