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Mosquito Flies!

Avron Anson

A dream was realized on the overcast morning of the 27th September at a small airfield just south of Auckland City, New Zealand when a powerful, but eternally elegant 'twin' lifted off the Ardmore tarmac. The event was the culmination of an epic journey which was commissioned by Jerry Yagen and 'actioned' by master craftsmen Glyn Powell and thereafter a dedicated AvSpecs team. It has seen one of the greats of wartime aviation return to the air, I sight not seen anywhere since 1996 and the tragic loss of Mosquito RR299 and its crew. Three flights were undertaken and aside from an instrument problem which was quickly rectified, the aircraft performed flawlessly- a testament to the skills of all involved with the aircraft. It was only a few days later that an admiring crowd, which included a number of Mossie veterans, were treated to a wonderful display at its public debut. The Mosquito FB26, KA 114, ZK-MOS, is now undergoing a test flight regime in the hands of Dave Phillips and Keith Skilling before heading to its new home in Virginia, USA.

Photo: Gavin Conroy

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