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YAK-7B V-12 Dual Control

The combination of V-12 warbird and dual controls usually means a Spitfire Tr.IX or a TF-51D Mustang, both at obscenely high prices. This aircraft offers that same capability for far less money! In fact, you can be flying this Allison powered machine for around a quarter the price of those other two. Call now!

US$ 475,000 o.n.o.

Pilot's Impressions

It is a pretty straightforward flying aircraft. No strange quirks to worry about. It taxis' nicely and with no effort. It tends to want to go straight on take-off and landing and not fight the tail wheel lock. It needs to be taken off and landed in a three-point stance (or at least tail low) for the long prop blade, but is very comfortable doing so. It three points on landing nicely.

Systems are simple and operate as intended. Brakes work very good, but not so good as you will not put it over on its nose with them. Gear & Flaps are hydraulic and operated with an electric pump to keep the pressure up.

Aircraft performs like any Yak and likes to go fast. The aircraft flies like it wants to be flying with only minor trim changes to help guide it. It could be a nice candidate for a first fighter for someone.

Classic Aircraft Sales Ltd

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