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Kittyhawk P-40-N 'GA-C' Kittyhawk P-40-N 'GA-C' Kittyhawk P-40-N 'GA-C'

Curtiss P-40N-1 Kittyhawk 'GA-C' for Sale

A genuine Pacific Theatre combat veteran, which served with the highly revered RAAF 75 Squadron. After three decades of abandonment in the jungles of PNG, it was rescued and restored, long enough ago to have demonstrated just how well that job was done!
P-40N-1 Kittyhawk Views

If you ever thought of owning a P-40,
this would be the one to have. Here's why:

* This is a genuine combat veteran aircraft, its recovery from its resting place in Papua New Guinea, and subsequent restoration, is very well recorded. It has only ever worn one colour scheme in its entire life! Please get in touch if you would like to be sent the post-completion feature article from Classic Wings magazine.

* This aircraft embodies the impressive 'convertible' two seat configuration, created on this very airframe by the engineers at Pioneer Aero Ltd., the world's foremost P-40 restoration company. The unique configuration allows for the aircraft to appear as a pure single-seat fighter for airshows etc. OR.... with barely a minute or two of attention, it can be converted to practical two-seat configuration.

* In conjunction with the foregoing, this P-40 also boasts dual controls to allow experience for type ratings, or for the non-pilot to experience a few minutes of the 'feel' of a genuine WWII fighter in the air!

* A rarity among restored P-40s this aircraft boasts a drop tank with the necessary mountings, plumbing and 'sway bars'. This operational extended range fuel system allows for longer flights to those revenue-earning airshows.

* This is the world's sole P-40 that has had fully equipped gun bays reinstated to host operational Browning .50 cal. machine guns. These have proven to be great crowd pleasers at airshows at which blank ammunition has been fired as empty cartridge cases rain from the ejection chutes. This is the ultimate party trick for a warbird fighter. Note: The guns and stock ammo will be sold separately with the first option to buy going to the aircraft purchaser.

* The aircraft has a very well documented history of abandonment in PNG, recovery in the 1970s, painstaking restoration to original condition, and on completion, sound, reliable operation with an excellent maintenance history by the world's foremost P-40 restoration shop that also happened to restore this aeroplane.

* The aircraft comes with a significant spares package which includes an Allison V-1710 engine and a spare overhauled Curtiss-Electric 3-bladed P-40 propeller.

This has been a properly restored, properly maintained, pampered WW-II fighter that is now looking to start the next chapter in its history. As stated, if you wanted a restored P-40 to fly, enjoy, and tell a little bit of history along the way, you just won't find a more qualified aircraft than this one.

Airframe: 584 hrs TTSN
Engine: 162 hrs SMOH
Propeller: 584 hrs TTSN

VHF: Becker AR6201
TXP: Terra TRT250/AK350
Intercom: PS Eng PMA4000
ELT: Kannad 406 AF-Compact

Price: US$2,450,000
Classic Aircraft Sales Ltd

PO Box 534, 43a Murphys Rd, Blenheim, New Zealand.
Phone: +64 3 578 9609 Mobile: +64 21 683 954 email:

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