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This Bf109 was one of several wrecks recovered from Russia together during the early 1990s. All three were sent to the USA, then to Canada, and on to Australia. One was then sold to Germany, another subsequently returned to the USA about a decade ago, and then moved on to Europe, however this machine has remained stored in Australia all these years. Whilst other Bf109 projects are progressively being restored for museum display or restoration to flight status, this one still awaits the restorer's hand.

As could be expected, 70 years after it was shot down, the Bf109 is not in the best condition, having suffered the ravages of time, souvenir hunters and accidental damage. The fuselage especially presents quite poorly, yet it is substantially there, and the key attach point areas for the wing and undercarriage,and also for the tail group, are in pretty good shape.

This likely represents one of the last ever opportunities to restore an example of this iconic WW-II Luftwaffe fighter. Although this machine was recovered from the Russian front, there is evidence pointing strongly to its also having served in North Africa at an earlier time in its career.

This aircraft is now offered for sale in an 'as-is, where-is' condition from its location near Sydney, Australia. The vendor is prepared to assist with packing in preparation for shipping as needed, and we can also put you in touch with experts in the area of rebuilding Bf109s should this be required.



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